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About Market City

Open seven days a week, Market City is a consumer retail/commercial centre containing a diverse cluster of businesses, shops and eateries. Refer to the tenant directory for more information on businesses located at Market City. Market City is proudly owned and operated by Perth Market Group Limited.

View the below features on some of the businesses, shops and eateries that make up the retail/commercial centre.

Samy Medical Practice

“At Samy Medical Practice, we do things differently. We are very community focused and believe healthcare should be affordable. We therefore offer bulk-billing to all our patients. I also have relationships with many specialists, such as endocrinologists, psychologists and cardiologists that enable my patients to access these specialist services with bulk-billing,” said Prof. Samy.


BrainBuilder is a holistic maths education program (kindergarten to year 12) based on a world-renowned Singapore Maths model by Dr Fong. Business owner, Steven Cheng, bought Brain Builder to Market City more than five years ago and chose the location due to the excellent foot traffic and advertising opportunities on Site.

Tea Garden

Cuisine at the Tea Garden restaurant is traditional Malaysian, with familiar choices such as Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam and Kaya toast.

Market City Meats

If you are looking for top quality meat at reasonable prices, Market City Meats is a must-stop.