Forklift Registration

With more than 350 forklifts operating on site, safe operations of a forklift is important. Any forklift operating at the Perth Markets Site must be registered with PMGL and issued with forklift identification plates.

Forklift registration costs $100 per forklift and must be completed before you can use a forklift on site.

To register a forklift for use in the markets, please familiarise yourself with the Site Rules and Guides and complete the Forklift Parking Application Form.

If you have sold or disposed of a forklift that has previously been registered, please notify PMGL. 

Forklift Operators

To operate a forklift on the Perth Markets Site, you must have a Perth Markets Forklift Operators Permit, as well as a current High Risk Licence and valid Driver’s Licence.

Please complete the Access Card Application Form and return it to the PMGL Reception.

To complete the Forklift Operators Safety Induction, please click here. 

View Site Rules and Guides

View the Rules and Guides for operating a forklift on the Site.