Waste Transfer Station

The Waste Transfer Station, operated by PMGL, provides an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient solution for the disposal of waste generated on the Site. This facility is located in the southern end of the site and is a proven successful sustainability initiative.

The facility allows waste to be separated into several streams, mainly organics, cardboard and timber which are diverted from landfill through recycling and reuse. All other non-segregated mixed waste is disposed at landfill. A new partnership between Cleanaway and Future Green Solutions will soon allow the high quality organic waste collected on site to be used to grow Black Soldier Fly larvae which are converted into protein rich oil and solids used in various applications including stock feed and fertilizers.

PMG provides plastic bins as waste receptacles for the purpose of disposing rubbish. Bins are colour coded for ease of waste segregation into individual streams for proper disposal. The facility processed approximately 3,200,000 kilograms of waste in the last 12 months and received over 32,000 individual loads. Approx. 58% of the waste was diverted from landfill through recycling and reuse.

The facility provides tenants a cheaper way of disposing of their waste along with the following benefits:

  • It reduces the number of trucks entering the site, resulting in a safer working environment.
  • It keeps the site cleaner and more hygienic, reduces vermin and the amount of debris sitting idle for lengthy periods of time.

For more information on how to use of access the Waste Transfer Station, please contact us.