Parking onsite

Perth Markets requires all drivers entering the Site to comply with certain traffic management and parking requirements. These are outlined with the Perth Markets Site Rules and Guides.

Tenant vehicles and staff parking

Commercial vehicles operated as part of the business of a tenant will be issued with a permit to park in the loading zone adjacent to the warehouse tenancy. The vehicle must be actively involved in the movement of produce.

Staff, Tenant, Employee and Non Commercial Vehicles must be parked in areas set aside for staff parking. All staff working on site who wish to bring their vehicle into Perth Markets are required to have a permit to park in a nominated staff area unless other approved arrangement have been made.  If you have an enquiry relating to tenant parking please contact us.

There are three levels of parking available:

  1. Green – individually reserved bay under cover
  2. Yellow – reserved unallocated parking
  3. Pink – unreserved

Truck Parking

Trucks must park as per the allocated or designated space. For more information about truck parking, contact us.

Visitor parking

For Visitors who have been granted temporary vehicle access inside the wholesale Market fence, limited parking is available in car parks A, E and K. Visitor parking outside the Market fence is available in the Market City public car park for up to 3 hours.

The Administration Visitor Parking area is available to visitors to the PMGL Administration building and Conference Room and is located to the west of the administration building. To enquire about visitor parking please contact us.

Parking permits

Persons requiring a permit to bring, park or load a vehicle in the market on a regular basis must apply for a parking bay (fees are payable and vary according to the type of parking required, refer to the forms available below).

Parking stickers must be adhered to windscreens and be clearly visible.  Parking Permit Dash Cards (eg Buyer Bays) must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard or front window whilst the vehicle is within the market site.

Parking forms

Parking Map – Feb 2022

Tenant / Staff Parking Application Form

Buyer Undercover Parking (Truck / Buyer Bay) Application Form

Open Buyer Parking (Car/Ute) Application Form

Parking Cancellation Form